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Round 1 – General Knowledge

Q1       Prominent sportsmen elected to Parliament

Q2       South Australia

South Australia 983,482
Texas 696,241
France 674,843

Q3       (Sir) Michael Somare

Q4       150

Q5       Geoffrey Rush

Q6       Mount Ossa (1 617 metres)

Q7       11

Q8       more (on 5 February 2012, it was estimated to be 22 822 940

Q9       2 (Kramer vs Kramer and Sophie’s Choice)

Q10     Pedder

Round 2 – Royal Hobart Regatta and other seafaring activities

Q11     HMAS Melville

Q12     174 years

Q13     Sir John Franklin

Q14     RAAF Roulettes

Q15     Costa Concordia

Q16     15 April 1912

Q17     11

Q18     Lake Illawarra

Q19     May Queen

Q20     Abel Tasman

Round 3  –  Valentine’s Day and other romantic stuff

Q21     14 February 2012

Q22     The murder of 7 mobsters in Chicago

Q23     Cadel Evans

Q24     Decimal currency was introduced

Q25     Sleepless in Seattle

Q26     Mills and Boon

Q27     Margaret Mitchell  –  Gone with the Wind

Q28     James Cook

Q29     Aquarius

Q30     Aretha Franklin

ROUND 4 – Food and Drinks

Q31     Berries

Q32     A screwdriver

Q33     The Netherlands

Q34     1824

Q35     Claudio Alcorso

Q36     Cheese

Q37     Rice

Q38     Roast Meat

Q39     A fruit, native to Vietnam, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and other south-east Asian countries

Q40     Atlantic Salmon

ROUND 5 – West Hobart and other things Tasmanian

Q41     Adelaide Street

Q42     Max Walker

Q43     Scott Bacon

Q44     Gay Cumming

Q45     Alfred Kennerley MLC (Premier 1873-1876)

Q46     Trout

Q47     Essie Davis

Q48     Blundstone Arena

Q49     Tasmania

Q50     John Glover


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