Blackwood Avenue

Blackwood Avenue was named after Harold Edwin Blackwood, a headmaster at Lansdowne Crescent School.

Harold Edwin Blackwood [scrapbook] (Archibald Charles ) was born in Geeveston, Tasmania. He died in 1950.

Harold was born while his father taught at Geeveston. He followed in his father’s footsteps and also became a teacher, and in later years also taught at Geeveston.

His first school was at Catamaran in the far south of Tasmania, and I wonder how present-day teachers would accept the conditions of those days.

Accommodation was usually with a family with many offspring, in primitive houses built around the timber mill.

The only way of leaving Catamaran was by timber barge, and as Harold found, a storm-bound barge was a distinct disadvantage when holidays were due.

He was Headmaster of other schools such as Geeveston, Bridgewater, Westbury, Ulverstone, Burnie and Lansdowne Crescent in West Hobart.

He was keenly interested in forming the Tasmanian Teachers’ Association and was its first President. He was a Mason. He served as Church Warden at Holy Trinity Church and was on the Diocesan Council.

After retirement he retained his interest in educational matters. He enjoyed reading and was interested in football.

He died in 1950 after having poor health for many years.

Harold married Eleanor (Lennie) Ife and they had three daughters and four sons.

Lennie was a most hospitable, kind, motherly woman. She loved going out and mixing with others at card parties, and at croquet at which she was a very good player.

She was an active member or an official of the following: the West Hobart Red Cross Society, Woodlands Girls’ Hostel, Royal Navy Friendly Union, Kennerly Boys’ Home, Holy Trinity Mothers’ Union, Church Missionary Society, Lansdowne Crescent Parents’ and Friends Association and Lansdowne Crescent School Mothers’ Club.

She predeceased Harold.

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