Minallo Avenue

John Lord’s daughter was Minnie Alice Lord.
It is suggested that Minallo Ave was named after the large house situated at the top of it “Minallo”
The name is made up of the first letters of her names Minnie Alice Lord.


The Mercury, Monday 6 December 1926, Page 5



The beautiful grounds of Minallo, the residence of Sir. G. Phillips, at West Hobart, were on Saturday afternoon the scene of a garden fete, which was held to raise funds with which to assist Sister G. Livingstone in her charitable work among the poor of the city. Sister Livingstone’s charity touches homes in poor circumstances, which often escape the notice of organised missions and charitable societies, and she has to help her a committee , of which Mr. J. Soundy, M.H.A., is chairman. The object of the garden fete was principally to raise money with which to provide toys for children whose stockings at Christmas would ordinarily I remain empty. The afternoon was gloriously fine, and the lawns were thronged by a large number of people, who spent liberally at the several stalls which were arranged in the shade of thc beautiful old trees to which Minallo owes much of its charm. The IXL Band gave its services gratuitously, and added much to the enjoyment of the afternoon by a pleasant programme of selections.

The Mayor (Alderman K. T. Rogers), who had intended to open thc fete, was indisposed, and the ceremony was performed by Mrs. Kogels. She was introduced by Mr. T. H. Jerrim, a member of the committee, who thanked the band for having attended, and also those who had donated produce and other goods for the stalls. Mrs. Rogers, in declaring the fete open, said she hoped it would be most successful, for there was no work more worthy than that which Sister Livingtone was doing among the poor of Hobart.

Those who conducted the stalls were: Flowers: Mrs. Jerrim and Mr. W. W. Osborne. Produce Mesdames Hawks and Newcombe. Sweets: Mesdames Spencer and Reynolds. Novelties: Miss Presnell and helpers. Cakes: Mrs. and Miss Culley. Refreshments: Misses Richardson, Soundy and Large. Afternoon tea: Mesdames Soundy, Kennedy, Bradford and Broomby.

The Mercury, Monday 6 December 1926, Page 5

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