Round 1 – General Knowledge

1 Link Charles Eady, Justin Madden, Marat Safin (hint : Sam Loxton, Brian Davidson, Darrell Baldock, John Coughlan)?
2 In area, which is the largest – South Australia, France or Texas?
3. Who was the first Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea?
4 How many seats are there in the Australian House of Representatives?
5 Who is Australian of the Year for 2012?
6 What’s the highest mountain in Tasmania?
7 What’s the square root of 121?
8 Is Australia’s population more or less than 22 million?
9 How many Oscars has Meryl Streep won?
10 Whilst Premier of Tasmania, in which Hobart street did Tasmania’s only Prime Minister Joe Lyons live?
(a) Giblin
(b) Hamilton
(c) Hill
(d) Pedder

Round 2 – Royal Hobart Regatta and other seafaring activities

11 Name the Navy’s flagship for the 2012 Regatta? (Hint: it’s the same name as a street in West Hobart)
12 What number Regatta will be celebrated this year:
(a) 154 years
(b) 164 years
(c) 174 years
(d) 184 years
13 Which Governor of Tasmania initiated the Regatta?
(a) Sir John Franklin
(b) William Sorell
(c) Sir William Denison
(d) Richard Butler
14 What is the name of the Royal Australian Air Force aerobatic team?
15 What was the name of the ship that recently ran aground off Italy?
16 In what year did the Titanic sink?
17 How many ships were in the First Fleet to Australia in 1788?
18 What was the name of the ship that knocked down the Tasman Bridge in 1975?
19 Name the ship that was built in 1867 on the banks of the Huon River and is now berthed at Constitution Dock?
20 What was the name of the ship that sailed between Melbourne and Devonport between 1985 and 1993?

Round 3 – Valentine’s Day and other romantic stuff

21 On what date is Valentine’s Day celebrated?
22 What infamous event occurred on Valentine’s Day in 1929?
23 Which famous Australian road cyclist was born on Valentine’s Day in 1977?
24 What happened in Australia on Valentine’s Day in 1966?
25 In which movie does Tom Hanks meet Meg Ryan on top of the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day?
26 Ris Wilkinson, (aka Melanie Milburne) a Tasmanian who has won an award for the Romantic novelist of the year, writes her novels for which famous publishing group of romance novels?
27 Give the name and author of the Pulitzer prize winning (1937) novel that was made into a movie and featured Rhett and Scarlett?
28 Which famous explorer was killed in Hawaii on 14 February 1779?
29 If you were born on 14 February, what would be your astrological sign?
30 Which singer recorded RESPECT on 14 February 1967.

ROUND 4 – Food and Drinks

31 What is the main ingredient of a Summer Pudding?
32 What is the name of a cocktail that has the ingredients of ice, vodka and orange juice?
33 Edam, Gouda and Maasdam are all cheeses from which country?
34 Cascade has been brewing beer in Hobart since what year?
(a) 1822
(b) 1824
(c) 1826
(d) 1828
35 Who established the Moorilla vineyard in Berriedale in 1958?
36 With which product would you associate the names Lactos, Ashgrove and Heidi Farm?
37 What type of food is basmati?
38 Yorkshire pudding is most commonly eaten with what?
39 What’s a rambutan, and where would it mostly be found?
40 What is produced by and exported to the world from TASSAL?

ROUND 5 – West Hobart and other things Tasmanian

41 What was the previous name of Hamilton Street?
42 Which famous sporting personality went to Lansdowne Crescent Primary School?
43 Which State Government Minister has recently moved into West Hobart?
44 Who is the principal of Goulburn Street Primary School?
45 Which former premier opened a boys’ home on the current site of Lawrenny Court?
46 What type of fish is mostly found at the Salmon Ponds?
47 Which Tasmanian actress featured in the recent ABC drama The Slap?
48 What is the new name of Bellerive Oval?
49 Which is the 26th largest island in the world?
50 Who painted Hobart and the River Derwent from Knocklofty in 1831?

Link to the Answers


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