Government aid pledged for Community Centre in West Hobart


T’HE Premier (Mr. Cosgrove) on Saturday pledged the support of his Government in any efforts undertaken towards the establishment of a community centre in the West Hobart district.

He was opening the West Hobart Progress Association’s annual fair in the Crescent Hall. The Premier was accompanied by Dame Gertrude Cosgrove.

Approximate takings were £40. Mr. S. Jones was organiser, and Mr. C. G. Woodward treasurer. ‘

More than 20 children took part in a pedlars’ parade organised by Mrs. C. G. Woodward.

Prizewinners were: Most original girl, Pat Vince; boy, P. Turner. Best dressed girl, Janice Merrigan. Cheapest costume (girl), Diana Brown. Special prizes, Veda and Neil Woodward, Janice and Judith Barnes. D. Barnes, Mary Turner. Most money collected. Veda Woodward.

Stallholders: Jumble (Child Welfare Group), Mesdames Reynolds, Mullins. McQueeney, Flaws, S. Jones, and Miss Reid; cake, Mesdames Kerruish, Anderson, Wakefield, Misses Holloway and Kerruish; sweets, Mrs. Fisher, Misses Rodgers, Freeman, and Mr. J. Fisher; produce, Messrs. Kerruish, Burrows. Wakefield, Fisher, Miss Blacklow; ice cream, Mr. W. Sier; lucky dip, Mrs. C G. Woodward; afternoon tea, Mesdames Poultnev, Harvey, Dwyer, Hall, Misses Goninon.

The Mercury, Monday 2 October 1950 Page 6

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