West Hobart Recreation Ground

125th Birthday of “the Rec”




West Hobart residents gathering at “The Rec” to celebrate 125 years of coming together for rest and relaxation.


Local musicians come together to entertain the hundreds of residents.

On the day, James Boyce gave an account of the history of the origins of  “The Rec”

West Hobart Recreation Ground Oval Surface Improvement Works

The Council endorsed the West Hobart Oval Management Plan at its meeting held on 22 August 2016.

Implementation of the Plan is now progressing with ground surface and lighting improvement works actively underway.

The purpose of the works is to improve the oval’s playing surface including the following:

  • Improved irrigation
  • Improved drainage
  • Re-sowing of ground surface
  • Installation of 4 lighting poles to provide Australian Standard lighting (plus removal of 2 redundant roles).

For the safety of contractors and park/oval users, the ground regretfully needed to be temporarily closed to public access. Subject to how readily the re-seeding of the oval takes to establish, it is anticipated the re-open access to the area in April 2017.

This establishment period is weather dependent, however it is nominally scheduled for 8 weeks.

The City apologise for any inconvenience these works may cause, however once completed, they will improve the availability of the oval for all users.

The Management Plan further recommends the establishment of a gravel track linking Lansdowne Crescent and Hamilton Street and the oval entrance area (programmed for early 2017) with an upgrade to the car park scheduled for 2017/18.

Should you have any queries regarding this project, please feel free to contact the City’s Parks and Recreation Unit on 6238 2886 or via parks@hobartcity.com.au .

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