A list of hyper-links to photos relating to West Hobart.

View of Hobart from Lime Kiln Hill, West Hobart looking towards the wharves

West Hobart – view from Knocklofty (William Pigenuit’s white house in lower foreground)

West Hobart, view from the corner of Hill Street and Lansdowne Crescent
Things to look for

  • 5 digit phone numbers on store veranda
  •  Almost no houses above Knocklofty Terrace
  • Alarm to call fire brigade on pole
  • Pre-decimal prices in shop windows
  • People’s clothing
  • Coke truck delivering bottles
  • Overhead wires for trolley buses
  • Concrete posts outside shop to protect veranda from trucks ‘cutting the corner’.
    Click on “View options: High Quality JPEG” to view Hi-Res version then Zoom In.

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  1. Tony Tringrove says:

    Absolutely wonderful repository of information
    Thanks so much!

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