A list of hyper-links to photos relating to West Hobart.

View of Hobart from Lime Kiln Hill, West Hobart looking towards the wharves

West Hobart – view from Knocklofty (William Pigenuit’s white house in lower foreground)

West Hobart, view from the corner of Hill Street and Lansdowne Crescent
Things to look for

  • 5 digit phone numbers on store veranda
  •  Almost no houses above Knocklofty Terrace
  • Alarm to call fire brigade on pole
  • Pre-decimal prices in shop windows
  • People’s clothing
  • Coke truck delivering bottles
  • Overhead wires for trolley buses
  • Concrete posts outside shop to protect veranda from trucks ‘cutting the corner’.
    Click on “View options: High Quality JPEG” to view Hi-Res version then Zoom In.

Aerial photograph of a section of West Hobart (below) taken around 1921. The photo is from a postcard by well known photographer, Joe Barnett who had a studio in Liverpool Street.

It features the site of St Virgil’s College Barrack Street campus as well as the Archbishop’s Palace. Other features in the photo include the old Goulburn Street School in Forest Rd which later burnt down, the Keen’s Curry sign above South Hobart and if you look carefully, the old Marquis of Hastings Hotel.

Houses were beginning to creep up Forest Road and Corby Avenue and Whelan Crescent were already occupied.


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    Absolutely wonderful repository of information
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