Video West closes


Video West at the corner of
Lansdowne Crescent and Hill Street

After 29 years, Les Hickman has decided to call it a day and so we bid farewell to Video West.

Who can tell how many happy, exciting, breathless, horrifying, exhilarating or suspenseful hours have been experienced by West Hobart residents, thanks to Les taking the trouble to provide the range of video entertainment that he has.

Les opened Video West on 11th July 1984.

His initial range of video entertainment consisted of 100 Beta tapes (remember them?) and 300 VHS tapes and necessitated an outlay of $25,000 to obtain them!


Last day celebrations 29 June 2013

Over the years, Les says he has served many young people, who were so small they used to bump their heads on the counter when they came in. He has provided entertainment for them as they have progressed from cartoons to sophisticated drama.

Other youngsters who lived on the same block as Video West and didn’t need to cross roads, were entrusted to collect videos and return them unsupervised by parents – a great responsibility!

Les plans to take a little time off before considering his next venture.
“After all” he says, “I’m not ready to retire yet!”


Les, hosting the celebrations, surrounded by many appreciative patrons.

Thanks Les, for your many hours of service to the West Hobart community.


2 Responses to Video West closes

  1. Ivan Coulson says:

    Hi Les
    I’m Ivan, who used to buy your ex rentals in the early 90s, then moved to Sydney. I last dropped in to say hi in ’98
    Just saw you closed down 2 years ago.
    I used to lived underneath your street (Clift Street)
    I have bought a home again in Mt Stuart and hope to move my family there soon
    Hope things are good for you & hope to say hi to ya
    Take care – Ivan

  2. Ivan says:

    Hello again – My daughter and I now live in Hobart – Finally move into our home next month.
    Will say hi to the good people like Les when I can.

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