West Hobart Neighbourhood Watch

June 2017 Newsletter

April 2016 Newsletter

Program for 2019

Feb – Suzanne Smythe – Knocklofty

Mar – Colin Denison – Shopping in the ‘30s

April – Kitty’s choice – Transport History or Bingo

May – Guest Speaker – Rob Valentine

June – Kitty’s choice – Bingo or Transport History

July – AGM – wine and cheese

Aug – Quiz ( if no alternative)

Sept – TBA

Oct – TBA

Nov – TBA

Dec – Pre-Christmas Barbecue


When did it start and why?

West Hobart Neighbourhood Watch was formed in 1987.

It was sponsored by the then functioning West Hobart Progress Association which has went into recess.

Since then, it has been encouraging local residents to be aware of what is occurring in their neighbourhood and if it seems inappropriate, then contact Tasmania Police who will assist where they can.

The idea is to assist residents to increase their safety and security by keeping an eye out for the well being of their neighbours

The area encompassed was decided at an early meeting, where those present who wished to participate and be actively involved were invited to mark their homes on a map of West Hobart. These people then agreed to be responsible for the 50 or so houses surrounding theirs and to deliver the newsletter to them.

As Neighbourhood Watch grew, a second area south of Brisbane Street was formed which went under the name of ‘City-West’. This group met in the church hall off Goulburn Street.

Several key members of this group moved out of West Hobart and it looked like it would fold. An approach was made to the West Hobart and it was decided to amalgamate both groups into one to cover the entire suburb from Liverpool Crescent in the south to Lower Jordan Hill Road in the north; from Harrington St in the east right up to Knocklofty.

Meeting were initially held in the Lansdowne Crescent School hall but winter time meetings were not well attended because the hall was difficult to heat. The licensee of the Marquis of Hastings Hotel offered their lounge for meetings and meetings were held there for many years.

Lawrenny Court, a retirement complex run by Southern Cross Care extended an invitation to hold a meeting there for their residents. It was well attended and the offer of the hall was made for future meetings.

This offer was subsequently accepted and so began a long association with the residents of Lawrenny Court.

Christmas BBQs are held at John Doggett Park at the lower end of Hamilton Street in place of the December monthly NHW meeting. This event is catered for using the funds from advertising in the monthly newsletter.

Many families and residents make their way to this gathering, even if they have been unable to attend meetings during the year.  Music is provided by the West Hobart Accordion Band featuring Jenny Eiszele on keyboards, and Gerry Andrews on percussion.

Newsletter production and delivery

Download West Hobart NHW Newsletter

Newsletters are edited and produced by Kitty Kruup.

They are then emailed to the office of Sue Hickey MHA who arranges for them to be photocopied and folded.

Bundling and counting NHW newsletters for distribution to deliverers are (l-r) Trevor, Vicki, Paul, Jeff, Heather & Moy.

They are then counted out into bundles for 6 distributors in readiness for being taken around to the deliverers.
Then the bundles are delivered to the homes of 48 West Hobart residents as a reminder of the meeting to be held the following Wednesday evening at the Lawrenny Court Hall.

Speakers at Neighbourhood Watch meetings

  • Rob Grey – RFDS
  • John Kelly – State Cinema
  • Peter Middleton – Tas Fire
  • Brenda Lennard – HCC Heritage (history of the home)
  • Donald Howatson – Street by street
  • Jonah Gouldthorpe – Still Gardening 3 visits
  • Wendy Stothers – Adult Literacy
  • Arnold Markham – Rotary polio campaign
  • Wendy McCrossen – Red Cross emergency management
  • Anne McGough – HCC Acquatic Centre
  • Lew Garnham – Trans Tasman sail
  • Insp David Plumpton – Cold cases
  • Christine Goodacre – Friends of Theatre Royal
  • Fiona Hamilton – Body systems
  • Alison Alexander – Lady Jane Franklin
  • Elena Nidorfer – Legal Aid
  • Brian Rieusset – Penitentiary Chapel
  • Tim Squires – Thylacine book
  • Stefan Petrow – Nineteenth century law enforcement
  • Lansdowne Cres School Student activities
  • Goulburn Street School Student Activities
  • Angela Moore – HCC traffic engineering

Regular Features –

  • Quiz night
  • Bingo
  • Sing along
  • Council Candidates
  • Mini Olympics

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