Darlington Cottage

I’m wondering if you might know a little history of the other side of your street.
I seem to remember the house over there with a light fitting on the corner of the veranda with ‘POLICE’ written on it. Last time I was there it had disappeared!

We’ve just had another story submitted for our West Hobart web site and wondering whether this might be the place to which young Henry ran to report the murder. )You can see it at https://westhobart.wordpress.com/the-billinghursts/)

Was this ever the West Hobart Police Station? Do you know of any other history of policing in West Hobart or any other dastardly deeds?

Apparently the house at the junction of Murray & Harrington streets opposite Elizabeth College was a police station and the building in the back yard used to be used as detainment cells. The bars are still visible over the windows.
Yes that was the West Hobart Police Station and the sign has been taken off until some painting can be done. Bev Moore and David Brian still have the sign and told us they do intend to reattach it.
As far as the building in Warwick/Elizabeth St being a police station I have no idea but I do know that The North Hobart Police Station was in Strahan St. next to the entry of the Police Marine Division on the Elizabeth St. Side (at least that is what I was told).
I suggest you contact Detective Inspector David Plumpton, Glenorchy CIB who has a fair bit to do with the Police Museum, he would point you in the right direction.
John has replied to this email but on searching through the wonderful info on West Hobart I find myself a little baffled. We were told, tho I haven’t done a lot of research into the matter, that James Cuthbertson actually built our house at No 21 Allison Street, hence the name, ‘Darlington Cottage’, because he had come from Darlington in Durham. Quite recently John Oldmeadow who owns Tradewear in Elizabeth Street did a history for the owners of Blundstone Boots and he confirmed this info. We are very keen to find out more about our home but most of our time is taken up with all things medical. We do know that the information contained in ‘West Hobart Story’ is not correct. We have a lovely (tho slightly damaged) photo of Darlington Cottage and its occupants which we believe was taken before 1900 and shows very few other buildings in the surrounding area. One day we hope to go to the Archives and find out more. Thank you, Annie Bird.

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  1. Hildi reinhart says:

    Hi There, not sure if you still read this but I have information on ‘Darlington Cottage’ and the history of James Cuthbertson Senior and his family. I would love to share family photos and see the old phot you mention in your post. Please contact my is you are still interested. It was an amazing family. Regards

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